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Real Business Results

TRU Graduates know the best way to raise VC or Angel Funds is to have a solid revenue base.

“If you want to be a doctor, you go to med school. If you want to be a laywer you go to law school. If you want to run a real business and make money, you go to The Revenue U.”

- TRU Graduate

“If you want to attract a big seed round you need to bring in revenue. That’s what you learn at TRU.”

- TRU Graduate

TRU facts about The Revenue U grads


Featured in Tech Crunch, Financial Post and Report on Business


Canada’s only representative at Startup Nations 2014 in Seoul Korea

Grew from 2 founders to a staff of 12 in less than a year.


Accepted into Y Combinator in the Valley, AngelPad in NYC, and other top Global accelerator programs

100% of TRU Grads that were trying to raise funds succeeded

12 months after beginning TRU, businesses on average are making $350,000 in revenue a year.

Learn how to get positive revenue results.

TRU’s experiential training focuses on making first customer contact, closing deals and a creating a reoccurring or repeatable revenue stream.

Course Descriptions

Start with Market Validation Laboratory and Graduate to 90 Day Sprint to Revenue.


Market Validation Laboratory is designed to help zealous founders take a disciplined, scientific approach to testing their business idea before they invest unnecessary time and capital.

The 6 week course combines academic curriculum, market engagement, and experiential learning within a flipped classroom setting.

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Sales 101 is a six week proven sales program. Entrepreneurs will learn how to develop a sales pipeline and generate revenue. Focusing on how to handle objections, successfully close a deal and forecast sales.

The curriculum is designed and consistently updated by some of Canada’s most successful Venture Capitalist and Business owners.

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90 Day Sprint to Revenue is an aggressive twelve week program that follows Sales 101. During this program, participants use the sales process they have developed to grow revenue. Entrepreneurs will be accountable for meeting dollar value goals and leads.

Successful TRU graduates will be ready to hire their first full time salesperson.

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