We have three pieces of advice.

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We have three pieces of advice.

  1. Let’s face it; sales are about effort and action.  There’s no sales representative uniform you can put on and take off. You know your product and you know you need to sell it.
  2. Emotion is a better motivator than numbers and facts. Ultimately, your sales hinge on your ability to understand your prospects through their eyes. In doing so, you can create a powerful perception of value by linking customer empathy and emotion to your product. To be the hero of the story, your prospect doesn’t need to be the central part of the pitch. However, they should identify with the hero of the pitch. Let them see parallels in a life changing, inspiring before and after story.
  3. When one challenges the status quo, you shape a need. This is an important distinction from the promise of a different future. It’s the now that your prospect wants to change.


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