Life after the Tech Sales Apprenticeship: Women in Tech Sales

Life after the Tech Sales Apprenticeship: Women in Tech Sales

If you read my last blog post, you would have seen a glowing review of the Pipeline program. It was challenging, unique and it made me feel better prepared for the sales world.


There is one question many people are itching to ask- did the learning actually pay off in the real world? On behalf of my cohort and my own personal experience, the short answer is: yes, it did.


Everyone in my cohort had very different backgrounds, my story began in my fourth year of University when I was finishing up my Psychology degree.


I was interested in Clinical psychology, learning about disorders was fascinating to me and I thought clinical work would be my path to helping people.


I admire those who work in this setting- but I simply couldn’t stomach it. It pained me to know that I couldn’t make a real change. I could alleviate symptoms, but I couldn’t “fix” the problems patients were facing. What does any of this have to do with sales?


Well, this is how I found the tech industry, through the annual Grand River Hospital Med Tech Day.


Med Tech is an event where people from Ontario come to discover new medical technological advancements and Communitech happened to be there that day. I was blown away by the innovation, the drive and the problem-solving nature of these companies.


I became so passionate speaking to the developers and CEOs of these companies, after that day I knew that I wanted to be part of these solutions and that’s how my career started in sales.


I networked, got some experience in a company in velocity, failed and tried again. When I got my second chance, I was nervous and unsure of myself so I turned to Pipeline for some formal training.


I was amazed of the support I got, being a woman in tech, there were so many strong examples of women who are flourishing in this industry. Louise Merlihan (Pipeline Project Coordinator) is an example of a woman who is making great contributions to this community. Not only do you get to meet stellar sales people like Marina Parejo, Katie George and Mili Trapara, but you actually get to be mentored by them!


You can’t put a price on female empowerment, but if you could- it would cost the same as your Pipeline tuition fees.


All in all, life is pretty good after Pipeline. I surpassed my sales goals, got a raise and am discovering new talents I never thought I had. Many other members of my cohort are also experiencing great fortunes like promotions and new opportunities.


If you want to change your current situation and discover a new you, I recommend taking this course.


Tech sales is a lot like selling yourself; making someone believe in you before they really understand who you are. You are selling a vision that people don’t yet understand and it is your job to make them see that your solution is the answer to their problems.


The skills you learn here are very transferable and can help you further along your career in different ways.


Go change the world, one solution at a time. Check out Pipeline and start your journey of self-discovery.


By: Paula Parejo
Paula is currently the Opportunity Development Representative at WrightPlan Incorporated.