Courses for startup founders

We work with academic institutions like the Lazaridis Institute at Wilfrid Laurier, technology leaders like Communitech, and fast growing tech companies like Vidyard and Shopify. All of The Revenue U courses are taught by industry pros and focus on experiential learning, so you can build a repeatable and scalable sales process that drives revenue.

We help incubators and accelerators to set founders up for success. Are you considering adding sales training to your programming?

If you’re forging ahead without cementing product – market fit, you’re wasting your time and resources. The Market Validation Laboratory helps you take a disciplined, scientific approach to testing your business idea.   This is a 6 week course that combines academic curriculum, market engagement, and hands-on learning in a flipped classroom setting. You don’t want to be lectured to; you want to start driving revenue!

You’ll learn:

  • Hypothesis testing a market
  • Advanced interviewing techniques
  • Minimum viable product development
  • Early customer engagement
  • Product – market fit analysis


Is the Market Validation Laboratory a good fit for you?


You are:

  • In the early stages of founding your startup
  • Excited to learn and willing to ask questions
  • Ready to start yesterday! (Seriously, yesterday, you’re kind of impatient.)

Ready to start selling? If you’ve achieved product – market fit, it’s time to go after your first customers. Sales 101 and Sprint to Revenue are two courses that will help you lay the groundwork for scalable sales success.   Sales 101 is a six week program where you’ll learn proven sales techniques. We’ll focus on developing a sales pipeline, handling objections, successfully closing deals, and forecasting sales.   We work with some of Canada’s most successful venture capitalists and business owners to keep the course constantly updated.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get a meeting with a prospect
  • Structure your first meetings
  • Understand your prospects’ needs through their eyes
  • Calculate your solution’s ROI
  • Handle objections
  • Close!
  • Improve your forecasting

And most importantly: how all these things combine to help you generate revenue.   90 Day Sprint to Revenue is an aggressive twelve week program that follows Sales 101. You’ll build on what you’ve already learned, and we’ll keep you accountable to meeting your dollar value goals.   You’ll work with an experienced sales professional who will act as your coach and sales manager. And by the time you’re done? You should be ready to hire your first full-time salesperson.

You will:

  • Simulate typical sales meetings
  • Set & measure new leads
  • Measure progression of leads
  • Manage your sales funnel
  • Measure secured revenue


Is the Sales 101 and Sprint to Revenue a good fit for you?


You are:

  • Completed the Market Validation Laboratory
  • Excited to tackle your sales process
  • Ready to generate revenue!
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“We believe that the true test of the merit of a startup is its ability to generate revenue. Revenue is the lifeblood of any company. It provides proof positive that a startup is a viable idea. Revenue makes raising money easier and indeed reduces the need to spend time raising money. TRU was designed to help startups bridge the gap between idea and scaling revenue.”


Andrew Abouchar The Revenue U Founder