Getting in a room with a well-known tech exec to learn about sales techniques can be a make it or break it moment for a startup. Let’s face it. You’ve taken your vision to fruition, formed a company and developed a product that’s innovative, superior, and dynamic.

This is no small accomplishment, but for those looking to scale into a thriving business with a solid revenue base, it’s just the beginning. Without the right sales strategy, you cannot scale your company. More importantly, you cannot find substantial seed money without the solid revenue base that investors are looking for.  And should you miraculously happen upon pre-revenue funding without customer revenue you will be negotiating from the weakest possible position.

The Revenue U (TRU) was made for CEO’s ready to sell.  It is designed and consistently updated by some of Canada’s most successful Venture Capitalists and Business Owners.

This month, TRU continues it’s Sales 101 course at DMZ Ryerson. The six-week proven sales program helps Entrepreneurs build the skill sets and strategies needed to develop a sales pipeline and generate repeatable revenue. The DMZ program will be lead by Andy Aicklen, principal of Aicklen & Associates. He has decades of experience selling and implementing B2B Enterprise software solutions and services, and over 20 years of experience as a technology sales leader.

For the all-in Entrepreneur, we have three pieces of advice.


  1. Let’s face it; sales are about effort and action.  There’s no sales representative uniform you can put on and take off. You know your product and you know you need to sell it.
  2. Emotion is a better motivator than numbers and facts. Ultimately, your sales hinge on your ability to understand your prospects through their eyes. In doing so, you can create a powerful perception of value by linking customer empathy and emotion to your product. To be the hero of the story, your prospect doesn’t need to be the central part of the pitch. However, they should identify with the hero of the pitch. Let them see parallels in a life changing, inspiring before and after story.
  3. When one challenges the status quo, you shape a need. This is an important distinction from the promise of a different future. It’s the now that your prospect wants to change.

“If you want to attract a big seed round you need to bring in revenue. That’s what you learn at TRU.”– TRU Graduate

Join us at DMZ Ryerson for The Revenue U Sales101 course. The ROI begins as soon as you make your next sale.

Ask yourself … “How much revenue do I want to make this year?” And sign up today.