Course Descriptions


Market Validation Laboratory

A great number of startup companies are forging ahead with traditional business activities before cementing Product – Market Fit. The Market Validation Laboratory is designed to help zealous founders take a disciplined, scientific approach to testing their business idea before they invest unnecessary time and capital.

The Market Validation Laboratory is a 6 week course combining academic curriculum, market engagement, and experiential learning within a flipped classroom setting.


Sales 101 is a six week proven sales program. Entrepreneurs will learn how to develop a sales pipeline and generate revenue. Focusing on how to handle objections, successfully close a deal and forecast sales.

The curriculum is designed and consistently updated by some of Canada’s most successful Venture Capitalist and Business owners.


90 Day Sprint to Revenue is an aggressive twelve week program that follows Sales 101. During this program, participants use the sales process they have developed to grow revenue. Entrepreneurs will be accountable for meeting dollar value goals and leads.

90 Day Sprint to Revenue will be led by an experienced sales professional, acting as your coach and sales manager.