NEW! Women in Tech Sales.


Our NEW Women in Tech Sales Bootcamp for Women



We know – it’s been a long time coming. We all know we need more rockstar women in tech sales so we’re here to help do something about it. In collaboration with TalentMinded, a talent recruitment agency, we have built a women’s only tech sales course to help navigate the career entry for women into tech. Delivered by some of the most successful women tech leaders, the program is designed to come together and change the industry once and for all.


The Sales Bootcamp for Women is an industry-vetted, intensive learning program. We’ve worked with leading sales and business professionals in the tech industry to build a comprehensive program that teaches the foundation of what it takes to excel in tech sales.  The 5 day course offers a deeper understanding into the sales cycle and what tools and sales methods are available to further your tech career. By the end, you will be prepared with the science, the art and the tools to be successful in your future in sales!

Program starts October 15-19th in Toronto.



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“We believe that the true test of the merit of a startup is its ability to generate revenue. Revenue is the lifeblood of any company. It provides proof positive that a startup is a viable idea. Revenue makes raising money easier and indeed reduces the need to spend time raising money. TRU was designed to help startups bridge the gap between idea and scaling revenue.”